I know that I should be posting my second installment on the Law of laws, but Jerry Newcombe has written something amazing that I think everyone should read [find it here]. Though I don’t agree that this election is the most important in my lifetime, it is important. Not just for President, but it is important regarding the Senate, the House, State and Local officials. Joel McDurmond wrote, “Restoring America One County at a Time.” In it he believes that local government is the way to change State and Federal government. Why is it that we think it is the President who can make the sweeping changes America needs? If we are America, then we are still people of the Constitution, and no amount of rhetoric can alter that. However, there are many actions being done that is changing the Constitution. We see it before our eyes.

The main reason this article struck me so much is that its theme is congruent with my last post regarding the first commandment. No one can simply forget God. To do so is to replace him with something else. It is like a glass of milk. It is full of milk but as you drink it, the milk leaves the glass. The glass is still full, though. It is not full of milk but it is now full of air. We don’t normally think of drinking from a glass this way. I think that is because air is not visible.

And this is the deception of removing God from life, from education, from government, from church. He gets replaced, but we do not necessarily “see” what replaces him. Nevertheless, he is replaced by one or more other gods. I believe the most common one is self, which is why the traditional Seven Deadly Sins speak to personal human appetites. Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Avarice, Greed, Lust. I think if you are a careful observer, you will see all of these highly active sins in the protests, riots, campaign speeches and slogans, Congressional hearings, and on, and on.

The point is, as Jerry Newcombe wrote, “We’ve Substituted the True God with a False God.” We have broken the First Commandment. What he has been replaced with is the enticing lie that the seven deadly sins are gratifying, satisfying, and the foundation of life. Ah, the forbidden fruit. This is why the fruit of the Spirit has waned in our lives. The Apostle Paul wrote, “…walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” (Galatians 5:16-26, ESV)

If we break the first commandment, the rest of them have no real bearing on our lives. Then, society will look a lot like it does today. We must turn back to God as our supreme ruler and judge. We must bow down before him and worship him. We must thank him, serve him, live for his glory. Only then will we make America great again.

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